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Welcome to THE REHABILITATION ROOM. A goldmine of information on physical therapy rehabilitation.

If you need solutions to a specific problem or you have an interest in physical therapy rehabilitation....

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This site is dedicated to sharing the best of the knowledge, techniques and strategies I have been fortunate enough to learn.

Whatever your age, your problem or your desire, if what you are looking for is related to physical rehabilitation, we want to help you find it here.

Our goal?

Well purely and simply to be:

The most authoritative, informative and comprehensive source of help and information on physical therapy rehabilitation there is.

Whether you are...

*An elite athlete with a sports injury problem or training issue

*A senior citizen with joint pains

*A concerned parent with worries about a physical problem with your child

*A fellow professional or student searching for specific information

You are most welcome.

May be you don't fit into any of those categories and simply have:

* a pain problem

* a training question

* an injury or other physical rehabilitation related issue.

Whatever the case we aim to provide you with the information and answers you want.

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