Rehabilitation Principles

Introduction To Rehabilitation Principles

Everything works on principles does it not? Get the principles right and everything else will fall into place. The same is true of course for rehabilitation and injury treatment.

With the treatment of any injury or pain situation there are certain principles that work really well. If you follow them they will yield excellent results. They are as follows:

1. Reduce Pain. Let's face it being in pain is not conducive to many things. It is nigh on impossible to get good results from any rehabilitation program whilst someone is in pain. Therefore it is a priority to reduce pain as much and as soon as possible. This can of course be achieved in a variety of ways whether it be drugs, ice, heat or rest amongst other means.

It is important to note that total pain relief is not necessary before moving on to any of the subsequent stages.

2. Improve Movement. Once pain is under control it is vital, as soon as possible, to regain normal the surrounding joints. This will prevent many complications occurring that can affect the circulation, joints and muscles.

3. Regain Strength. This refers to the process of exercising surrounding and associated muscles to either maintain, regain or improve their strength. This is so they work effectively and do not waste or atrophy, which not only has detrimental consequences but can occur very rapidly.

4. Improve Function.This is the last of the stages or principles. It is concerned with bringing the results of the previous stages into play to execute the desired result of functional activity. It cannnot be succcessfully worked on if the previous stages have not been correctly worked through.

Jumping to this stage and moving through it too fast is the cause of many re-injury situations.

So in a nutshell there you have it. The 4 principled stages of injury treatment and rehabilitation:





Now all you have got to do is get good at putting it into practice. With the help of all the information in this site I have no doubt you will be successful.

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